Transfer Chutes: Case Study of a Coal Transfer Chute Design Using EDEM BulkSim

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This webinar is the second in a two-part series. Watch the first part here.

This webinar will be presented by Dr. Andrew Grima, Principal Design Engineer, Bulk Materials Engineering Australia. It will demonstrate how bulk material flow simulation software can be used to evaluate and verify the design performance of transfer chutes.

Webinar about EDEM simulation for Transfer Chute Design

It will address key engineering design challenges such as:

  • Prevent plugging
  • Reduce spillage and dust generation
  • Identify excessive material velocities
  • Identification of potential build-up regions
  • Ensure appropriate presentation onto equipment and belts
  • Optimize wear protection

Topics covered:

Case study on coal transfer chute.

  • EDEM BulkSim simulation of original design
  • Identification of potential issues: spillage, blockage
  • Development of a reliable design
  • EDEM BulkSim simulation of proposed design
  • Overview of the design and operation improvements

Duration: 60 minutes + time for questions