Simulation-based Design & Performance Verification of Transfer Chutes


This webinar was presented live on Tuesday 19th March, 2019.

Spanish version now available: Simulación para diseñar y validar puntos de transferencia. Watch recording

Conveyor transfer systems account for a small percentage of the infrastructure cost of a plant or mine but poorly-performing transfer points are often responsible for significant operational challenges, resulting in unplanned down-time, reduced throughput, and lost productivity.

In this webinar we will discuss the challenges faced by designers and operators when designing transfer chutes.  We will introduce EDEM – bulk material simulation software- and explain how it can be used to evaluate and verify the design performance of transfer chutes and address key design challenges such as spillage, blockage and wear.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of typical transfer chute problems and how to address them
  • Traditional methods to design chutes & limitations
  • Simulation-based design: introducing EDEM software
  • Material testing and selection of material models for simulation
  • Industrial case studies: power plant & coal transfer tower
  • Live Q&A with our engineer

Duration: 50 minutes + time for questions
Presenter: Carles Bosch Padros, Engineer, EDEM