Optimizing Powder Handling Processes using Granular Material Simulation


This webinar was last presented live on Thursday 30th April, 2020

Powders are at the core of numerous applications in the pharmaceutical, food, additive manufacturing, chemicals and other process manufacturing industries. Powder handling and processing present unique challenges to industry because of their variable physical characteristics and flow properties.

In this webinar we will introduce Altair EDEM – Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for granular material simulation. EDEM software enables companies to accurately simulate the behavior of powders and other bulk solids, providing key insight into a range of processes including mixing, spreading, compaction and milling.

Join our webinar and find out how EDEM can help optimize processes, improve product quality, reduce the need for physical prototyping and drive product innovation.

Topics Covered:

  • Challenges of powder handling
  • Introducing EDEM simulation technology
  • Key applications for powders
    • Powder transport
    • Mixing
    • Milling & agglomeration
    • Die filling
    • Spreading & raking
    • Compaction & compression
    • Coating
    • Pneumatic conveying and more
  • Live Q&A with our engineer

Presenter: Stefan Pantaleev
Duration: 40 minutes + time for questions