Optimizing Equipment Design with RecurDyn and EDEM


This webinar was last presented live on Thursday 14th March, 2019

Multi-body and systems dynamics simulation is critical in the design of heavy equipment and off-road vehicles.  When using tools such as RecurDyn, by FunctionBay, it is essential that there are accurate representations of ALL the loads acting on a piece of equipment. This includes forces generated by the bulk materials that machinery and vehicles interact with (such as soil, rocks, gravel, mined ores etc.).

Predicting accurate load inputs for those bulk materials using traditional methods is extremely challenging. If an engineer is unable to have confidence in the values going into their MBD simulation, it is impossible for them to have confidence in structural durability and design performance being predicted.

EDEM simulation offers engineers an alternative to traditional approaches and allows for the accurate simulation of bulk materials while providing high fidelity representation of the load distributions acting on industrial equipment.

Combining RecurDyn and EDEM in a co-simulation environment enables engineers to have accurate, dynamic bulk material load inputs in their MBD simulations as standard. This means increased realism in equipment motions and also a complete understanding of how bulk material loads are transferred throughout their mechanical system.


In addition, EDEM 2019 introduced a flexible geometry coupling with RecurDyn that allows for prediction of deformation and stress within individual parts. This capability allows for even greater realism and insight into real-world systems.

In this webinar we will be introducing the EDEM-RecurDyn co-simulation solution and showing how you can use it to improve your equipment design process.


  • Challenges of heavy equipment design
  • Introducing EDEM bulk material simulation software
  • Overview of EDEM-RecurDyn coupling:
    o Applications and benefits
    o Flexible geometry modeling
    o Examples: excavator, tracked vehicle and more
    o Workflow
  • Live Q&A with our engineer

Duration: 40 min + time for questions

Presenter: Sophie Broad, Senior EDEM Engineer, EDEM