Introducing the Generic EDEM Material Model (GEMM) Database

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Join us for a free live webinar to find out more about the GEMM Database, a ‘world first’ in Discrete Element Modelling (DEM).

Topics covered:

  • EDEM: a key tool for designing bulk material handling equipment
  • Challenge: how to ensure simulations show real material behaviour
  • Traditional approaches and calibration techniques
  • Introducing the Generic EDEM Material Model Database
  • GEMM Database Workflow

Webinar about Generic Material Model Database

For more information:

The GEMM database addresses one of the key challenges of DEM simulation: getting suitable material inputs for accurate representation of bulk materials.

The GEMM database contains thousands of material models representing a wide range of materials such as rocks, soils and ores. It is particularly suited for engineers in the mining, construction and agriculture industries who design heavy equipment handling such materials.

Users can take advantage of the huge wealth of material information within the GEMM database to see example materials and download input decks to use in their EDEM simulation just by answering 3 questions on their real material.


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