EDEM simulation software – how it works


This webinar was presented live on Wednesday, 7th November, 2018. 

Are you interested in using EDEM software as part of your design process but new to bulk material simulation? EDEM is a very user-friendly Discrete Element Method (DEM) software and includes a range of tools enabling engineers to get started with bulk material simulation easily.

DEM simulation of a loader moving bulk material

This introductory webinar will explain the basics of setting-up, running and analyzing a simulation in EDEM – with the example of a front-end loader handling a rock-like material.


  • A world of bulk materials
  • What is EDEM?
  • Choosing material models
  • EDEM Components: Creator, Simulator and Analyst
  • Customizing EDEM with the API
  • CAE Integration: coupling with CFD, FEA and MBD
  • Live Q&A with our engineer

Duration: 40 minutes + time for questions

Presenter: Cesar Barreto, Engineering, EDEM