Adding Realistic Loads in ANSYS FEA with Bulk Material Simulation


This webinar was presented live on Thursday, 8 November, 2018.

When designing heavy equipment such as bucket loaders, truck bodies and diggers, ANSYS Finite Element Analysis is commonly used to assess the structural integrity of designs. When performing such analysis, getting representative load data is critical to have confidence in a design and ensure its durability and performance.

When it comes to heavy equipment, a fundamental source of loading is the bulk material – like rocks, soils and ores – that these machines interact with. These materials are complex and highly variable in their behavior and predicting the loads they produce on equipment is challenging using traditional techniques such as hand-calculations, assumptions or hydrostatic pressure loads.

In this webinar we will introduce an alternative to those methods using EDEM bulk material simulation technology. We will provide an overview of ‘EDEM for ANSYS’ – a tool that enables to add realistic material loads directly into ANSYS Mechanical structural analysis.

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Images courtesy of Austin Engineering

Webinar contents:

  • Challenges of Heavy Equipment Design
  • Traditional approaches for calculating material loads
  • Getting realistic loads with bulk material simulation
  • Benefits of using EDEM technology with ANSYS
  • Case Studies: Austin Engineering truck bodies & Komatsu mining shuttle cars
  • Introducing ‘EDEM for ANSYS’ Overview & Workflow
  • Live Q&A with our engineer

Duration: 30 minutes & time for questions

Presenter: Callum Bruce, Engineer, EDEM


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