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EDEM can be coupled with Adams – Multi-body dynamics software from MSC Software to optimize the design of heavy equipment such as grab buckets, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and excavators.

Combining EDEM with Adams allows engineers to introduce realistic bulk material behaviors to their multi-body dynamics simulations, and offers engineers unrivaled insight into how material loads are transferred throughout a mechanical system.

During a co-simulation with Adams, EDEM calculates the bulk material forces and torques acting on equipment during machine operation. These equipment loads are then passed to Adams where equipment motion and response to the bulk material is simulated. Adams then returns the new velocity and position of the equipment to EDEM and the co-simulation process continues to the next synchronization point.

The tools available in EDEM and Adams allow engineers to simulate different systems and working conditions of those systems. This enables engineers to test the performance of their equipment and make informed decisions about design changes based on numerical data prior to prototype manufacture.

The EDEM-Adams coupling can be applied to many different applications including:

  • Heavy equipment including construction and agriculture
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Tire-ground modelling

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