EDEM can connect to Simulink from MathWorks to optimize the design of heavy equipment such as dragline buckets, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and excavators.

Combining EDEM with Simulink allows engineers to introduce realistic bulk material behaviors to their multi-body dynamics simulations, and offers engineers unrivalled insight into how material loads are transferred throughout a mechanical system.

The EDEM-Simulink interface is available from Mathworks Consulting Services and is used to connect EDEM and the multi-body dynamics capabilities of Simulink. Users can utilize EDEM to calculate the material force acting on the equipment, transfer the material force to Simulink via and use Simulink to calculate the equipment movement caused by the material force and torque.

Mathworks Consulting Services can create customized s-functions calls to the EDEM Coupling Interface, SimMechanics sensors send equipment orientations, position and velocity to EDEM and SimMechanics actuators receive equipment forces and torques from EDEM.

Coupling EDEM and Simulink provides new insights into equipment material interactions, allowing for optimized equipment design, reduced physical testing, reduced time to market and improved design quality.

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