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EDEM is an ANSYS Preferred Solution Partner and has been working for over 10 years with ANSYS to bring innovative software solutions to their customers through the development of co-simulation capabilities.

Optimizing equipment design with EDEM and ANSYS Mechanical

The EDEM-ANSYS integration means users can access EDEM simulation data directly within ANSYS Workbench. This enables them to include high-quality and realistic representations of granular materials and their complex behaviors in their Finite Element Analysis. The realistic material distributions acting on equipment can then be used in FEA calculations in ANSYS Mechanical.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved design accuracy
  • Greater insight into equipment performance
  • Less reliance on assumption and over-simplification
  • Reduction in expensive physical prototyping
  • Confidence that design requirements will be met, even for equipment dealing with ‘difficult to handle’ materials


Austin Engineering use EDEM with ANSYS FEA to optimize truck bodies performance.

Investigating particle-fluid systems with the EDEM-Fluent coupling

EDEM can be coupled with Fluent to accurately simulate a variety of particle-fluid systems such as particle agglomeration and clumping in fluidized beds, dense phase conveying, filtration, solid-liquid mixing, spray coating, drying, and transport of cuttings in oil well drilling.

The EDEM–Fluent coupling extends Fluent’s CFD capabilities to realistically simulate the interaction between a fluid and granular material.

The current coupling enables parallel processing for both Fluent and EDEM in co-simulation environments. It allows for both 1-way (where the fluid affects the particles) and 2-way coupled simulations (where fluid affects the particles and the particles also affect the fluid).

Key features of the EDEM-Fluent Coupling:

  • Open source, utilizing Fluent’s User Defined Functions (UDFs) which are fully customizable
  • Uses Fluent’s Discrete Phase Model (DPM), giving access to all drag models and allowing visualization of both particles and fluid directly in Fluent
  • Takes advantage of GPU parallel processing for faster simulation times
  • Allows for the modelling of heat transfer between particles and fluid
  • *Coming soon*: Chemical species transfer capability for simulating complex thermal and chemical reactions such as evaporation and combustion

Aggregate dryer using EDEM-Fluent Coupling (Courtesy of Astec, Inc.)

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