Vibrationally-Fluidized Granular Flows: Impact and Bulk Velocity Measurements Compared with Discrete Element and Continuum Models

Kamyar Hashemnia
University of Toronto, USA
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Professor Jan K. Spelt
2010 - 2014

EDEM was used to build and simulate a discrete element model of a vibrationally -fluidized granular flow produced in a tub vibratory finisher. The objective was to study the bulk and local impact behavior of the granular media and compare the numerical results with the experimental measurements.

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K. Hashemnia, J.K. Spelt, Finite Element Continuum Modeling of Vibrationally-Fluidized Granular Flows, Chemical Engineering Science, 129 (2015) 91-105.

K. Hashemnia, J. K. Spelt, Particle impact velocities in a vibrationally fluidized granular flow: measurements and discrete element predictions, Chemical Engineering Science, 109 (2014) 123–135.

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Kamyar Hashemnia University of Toronto

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