Validation of a breakage and abrasion model of fired iron ore pellets

Pedro Perto Silva Cavalcanti
Universidade Federale Do Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Metallurgical and Materials Department
Rodrigo Magalhaes De Carvalho

This work used EDEM simulations that provided the required energy input to validate a mechanistic degradation model for fired iron ore pellets, which includes both body and surface breakage. First, a tumbling test on a small drum (0.305 m diameter) is used to demonstrate the validity of the model to describe surface breakage by motion of the pellets at comparatively small velocities, such as those that are found during flow in hoppers and silos. The model is also validated on the basis of simulations of a RO-TAP® sieve shaker. It is demonstrated that it is capable of predicting with confidence results from the tests, demonstrating to be a powerful tool when used in combination with simulations using the discrete element method, to predict mechanical degradation during handling.



EDEM allowed for simulation of different lab-scale experiments such as Ro-tap and tumbling devices that were used as benchmark to the breakage models.

Pedro Perto Silva Cavalcanti Universidade Federale Do Rio De Janeiro