Study of Compaction Process Using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)

M. C. Ramirez-Aragon
Polytechnic University of Madrid & University of La Rioja, Spain
Mechanical Engineering
F. Alba-Elias
In progress

The aim of this study is to analyze the process of compaction of a disc using DEM simulations. Designs of experiments were applied to analyze the influence of several factors on the total force that is necessary to apply and on the final appearance of the discs. Moreover, these results were used to predict the values of the most influent factors that should be set in order to calibrate the simulation model to the real process. Finally, the results of the DEM model were compared with experimental data in order to validate it.

SPONSOR: This work was funded by the EU programme RFSR through project RFSR-CT-2015-00005 “LEANSTORY”

EDEM software is a powerful tool for DEM simulations. It provides various contact models, so it is possible to choose the most appropriate for simulating different processes or systems.

M. C. Ramirez-Aragon Polytechnic University of Madrid & University of La Rioja

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