Prediction of Soil Reaction Force on Disc by Discrete Element Modelling

Ali Khosravani
University of South Australia, Australia
School of Engineering
Dr Chris Saunders & Dr Mustafa Ucgul

The project aims to evaluate the capability of Discrete Element Modelling when predicting soil reaction forces on a flat rotating disc opener and comparing the simulation results with the experimental data.

The DEM parameters required to run the simulations were determined using a calibration process. After calibrating the DEM materials and properties, series of simulation were performed at different disc settings and soil conditions aiming to develop a numerical soil force prediction model suited to a free rotating disc opener.

Simulation results showed that by increasing sweep angle, speed and operating depth of disc; draft, vertical and lateral force increased which was comparable to the test results.

The simulation results showed that it is possible to predict soil reaction forces and demonstrate soil stickiness under different disc settings and soil conditions.


EDEM gave results that matched our experimental data.

Dr Ali Khosravani University of South Australia