Numerical Study of Face Plate-Type Earth Pressure Balance Shield Tunnel Boring Machine with Discrete Element Method

Byungkwan Park
University of Science & Technology (UST), Korea
Smart City & Construction Engineering
Chulho Lee
04/09/2017 – 30/09/2017

The Discrete Element Method (DEM) has been widely used in civil engineering as well as various industrial fields to simulate granular materials.  In this study, DEM was adopted to predict the performance of a face plate-type earth pressure balance (EPB) shield tunnel boring machine (TBM). An analysis of the TBM excavation performance was conducted according to two pre-defined excavation conditions with the different rotation speeds per minute (RPM) of the cutter-head.

The TBM model which was used in this study has a 6.64 m of diameter and six spokes.  Also, 37 precutters and 98 scrapers at an each spoke were modelled with a real-scale specification. From the analysis, compressive forces at the cutter-head face, shield and cutting tools, resistant torques at the cutter-head face, muck discharge rate and accumulated muck discharge by the screw auger were measured and compared.

SPONSOR – Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology

PUBLICATIONS – J. Korean Geosynthetics Society Vol.16 No.4 December. 2017 pp. 163 ~ 176

EDEM is very easy-to-use software. It is convenient as it can implement many materials. In addition, we were able to check the ease of use of the equipment because we could provide the motion conditions of the geometry.

Byungkwan Park University of Science & Technology

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