Numerical analysis of multiphase flow in cooking device using coupled simulation

Peter Somi
University of Maribor, Slovenia
Chair for Power, Process and Environmental Engineering
Dr Matej Zadravec
01/06/2019 - 12/09/2019

This project was part of a diploma thesis and discussed the coupled CFD – DEM numerical simulation of mixing of a multiphase mixture inside of a mixing device. The mixing was simulated inside of a mixing vessel with four barriers, using a Rushton turbine with 6 straight blades.

The main objective was to compare the results of the coupled simulation with the results acquired via real experiments conducted in our laboratory. The comparison was qualitative and it focused on the movement and behavior of the simulated particles. The results show similarities between the simulated and real experiment.

The particles lifted from the bottom of the vessel at approximately the same rotational velocity of the mixer and travelled on similar trajectories, in both cases. EDEM was used for the coupled simulation, along with ANSYS Fluent, to simulate the behavior and movement of the solid phase, during the simulation.

Using EDEM was a very pleasant experience. The user interface is user friendly and with the help of the tutorials, the program proved to be very easy to handle.

Peter Somi University of Maribor, Slovenia