Mechanistic ball mill modeling

Victor Alfonso Rodrigues
Universidade Federale Do Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Metallurgical and Materials Department
Rodrigo Magalhães De Carvalho

Important advances have been made in understanding ball milling during the last 25 years or so, a great part of it owing to the widespread application of the discrete element method (DEM), which is now an integral part of several advanced ball mill models. EDEM was used in ball mill simulations containing not only the grinding media (steel balls) but also ore particles. This allowed the investigation on the efficiency of the energy transfer environment, by collecting data from collision energy information for prediction of breakage using a mechanistical approach.

EDEM features allowed the analysis of the collisional environment within tumbling mills and charge mixture which were required to improve the mechanistic model of ball mills developed by our research group.

Victor Alfonso Rodrigues Universidade Federale Do Rio De Janeiro