Fine ore briquetting simulation

Jon-Ho Beae & Kang-Min Kim
Inha University, South Korea
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Prof. Jeong-Whan Han
03/2019 - 07/2019

The depletion of high-grade iron ore in recent years necessitates a technology that can utilize low-grade ultra-fine ores. To achieve this, steelmakers have been studying the sinter-briquette complex firing process. This process is a method of charging the sinter feed together with briquette, which is prepared by compacting ultra-fine ore. In this study, we carried out briquetting simulation of iron ore to investigate the mechanical properties of briquette according to manufacturing conditions.

We think that EDEM simulation is efficient because there is no limitations on the change of the condition unlike experimental.

Jon-Ho Beae & Kang-Min Kim Inha University