Experimental and Mechanical Study of High Density Particle Fluidization Behavior in Spout-Fluid Bed with Multi-ring Inclined Holes

Malin Liu
Tsinghua University, China
Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology
2014/01/01 – 2016/12/31

The novel spout-fluid bed with multi-ring oblique holes is the specific application of the fluidized bed-chemical vapor deposition (FB-CVD) technique in the particle coating, especially adapted to the preparation of the high-density nuclear fuel coated particles. The modified CFD-DEM numerical simulation platform based on EDEM and FLUENT will be used to simulate the high-density particles fluidization in the complex geometry with strong synergy between holes.


Liu, M.,Wen, Y., Liu, R., Liu, B., Shao, Y. Investigation of fluidization behavior of high density particle in spouted bed using CFD–DEM coupling method. Powder Technology, Vol. 280 (Aug 2015), pp. 72–82.

EDEM is a simple-to-use software tool and has a lot of potential.

Malin Liu Tsinghua University

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