Effect of media velocities and compressive forces on aerospace components from vibratory treatment

Joselito Yam Alcaraz & Zhang Jing
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Rolls-Royce@NTU Corp Lab
Associate Professor Yeo Swee Hock
In progress

Aerospace materials experience high levels of mechanical and thermal loading, high cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue and foreign object damage during operation which can lead to early removal of the components from their service.

Mechanical and Thermal treatments of components are proven to improve fatigue life, improve wear resistance and avoid thermal corrosion by introducing work hardening, compressive residual stresses, and surface finishing.

In the experiment, EDEM was used to simulate media flow in a vibratory tub and to study the effects of media velocities and compressive forces which are important for surface treatment of metal components in aerospace applications.

EDEM has an effective GPU implementation of the DEM solver that enabled us to simulate realistic sizes of media particles.

Joselito Yam Alcaraz & Zhang Jing Nanyang Technological University, Singapore