Effect of deflector plate for particle size segregation control

Kang-Min Kim
Inha University, South Korea
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Prof. Jeong-Whan Han
01/2018 - 07/2018

In general, uniform mixing of particles is desirable in the process of particle handling. However, during the charging of sinter feed and upper ore, size segregation must be induced to prevent heat imbalance, ensure bed permeability, and prevent the loss of fine ore.

In this study, upper ore charging was simulated using the discrete element method (DEM) to find the optimal method for controlling particle size segregation. The segregation characteristics in the upper ore bed were investigated when a deflector plate was applied to the charging machine. The degree of vertical segregation increased when a deflector plate was applied, and it was confirmed that the segregation direction in the upper ore bed can be controlled by adjusting the charging direction of the upper ore by using a deflector plate.

In order to apply this method directly to the actual process, further study is needed to understand the influence of the characteristics of the deflector plate such as length and angle.


K. Kang-Min , K. Ju-Hun , K. Jae-Hong , L. Ji-A , H. Jeong-Whan (2019)
Effect of Deflector Plate for Particle Size Segregation Control. Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, Vol. 64

EDEM was effective in solving the problem by making it possible to observe the flow of iron ore particle and to measure the particle size distribution in a large scale process where facility change is difficult.

Kang-Min Kim Inha University