Discrete Element Modeling of Direct Shear Test

Qiusheng Gu
Zhejiang University, China
College of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Prof. Xuecheng Bian, Prof. Ooi Jin & Dr. John P. Morrissey
01/03/2015 – 28/02/2019

Direct shear test is commonly used in particulate medium strength testing and the test procedure is quite simple and reliable. DEM is ideally suited to use to study aggregate assembly considering the naturally discrete inhomogeneous structure. Particle shape and size distribution play a fairly important role in affecting aggregate’s mechanical behaviors.

To test the strength properties of aggregate assembly, laboratory direct shear tests and DEM simulations are both carried out on aggregate shear box samples. We performed a series of DEM direct shear tests to calibrate a range of values for both the particle-particle friction coefficient and the particle stiffness. In our former research computer-vision technology is applied to obtaining three orthogonal views of particles, then extracting outlines of these three views to compute particle shape characteristic parameters.

Three dimensional discrete element numerical simulations of aggregate assembly are processed by a self-developed program using elements which are built based on a particle’s three orthogonal views and identical in shape characteristics to realistic particles. We also compared the behaviors of particles with different shapes and size distributions.

The aim is to study the aggregate’s deformation features and micro-scale mechanical behaviors in direct shear tests in depth based on the validated discrete element method.

EDEM is so user-friendly allowing us to test our ideas quickly. It is quite easy and convenient to build your model in EDEM in comparison with other software. EDEM can also work with other software packages pretty well. I really appreciate that the EDEM team devote themselves to providing the customers with the latest edition.

Qiusheng Gu Zhejiang University

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