Design optimization of concrete machinery equipment based on discrete element method

Jiang Shengqiang
Xiangtan University, China
School of Mechanical Engineering
Yichun Zhou
January 2018 - December 2020

The sand, stone and concrete models were constructed by discrete element method and used to simulate the preparation, transportation and pumping process of concrete. The purpose is to optimize the structural parameters and operating parameters of concrete mechanical equipment. In this project, EDEM is used as one of the main simulation tools.

My first contact with EDEM software was in 2008, when I mainly wanted to simulate the transport of bulk materials. Later, our school purchased EDEM V2.1. After more than ten years of use, our research team has now used the software for the simulation of the transportation, processing and preparation of bulk materials such as concrete, powder, ore, as well as the brittle fracture simulation of ceramics and other materials. The research team purchased EDEM v2017 in 2017.

Shengqiang Jiang Xiangtan University