Behavior and Stabilization of Granular Soils and Geomaterials (Experimental Validations and DEM Simulations)

Hamzah M. Beakawi Al-Hashemi
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Omar Al-Amoudi
2017 – 2019

A new speed-controlled instrument has been developed for the angle of repose measurements of granular soils. The device proved its reproducibility and repeatability for the measured angle of repose over other types of instruments reported previously. The device has been tested for spherical glass beads (SiO2) and various types of soils and geomaterials. Initially, reported input parameters in the literature for glass beads have been used for EDEM simulation, and the simulated angle of repose matched accurately with the experimental values as shown in the attached files. The next stage is to validate the model for other materials and then study the different mechanical behavior, stabilization, and strengthen of geomaterials from geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics perspectives.

SPONSOR: KFUPM (Research Institute)


PUBLICATIONS: ‘A review on the angle of repose of granular materials’ accepted in the “Powder Technology” journal on 2nd Feb 2018. Others will follow.


DEM simulations were always considered a black-box and sophisticated coding tools for engineers, especially in our field. However, EDEM made the three-dimensional DEM simulations straightforward for the most of engineering applications with the easiest user-friendly interface and interpretable results. EDEM experience is invaluable for us.

Hamzah M. Beakawi Al-Hashemi King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

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