Analysis of particle size induced segregation in a rotating drum

An-Ni Huang
Chang Gung University, Taiwan
Chemical and Materials Engineering
Hsiu-Po Kuo

Binary granular mixture with different particle sizes are mixed in a 10 rpm, 40% fill rotating drum. The evolution of the particle segregation is studied at particulate level using EDEM. The trajectories of the larger particles and smaller particles can be visualized by DEM Simulations. The smaller particles rapidly sink into the particle bed after several revolutions, and gradually form a smaller particle core inside of the particle bed.

The evolution of the segregation core is visualized by EDEM in Figure 1. An EDEM video clearly shows that the segregation process starts from core formation, followed by band formation. The simulation results are also validated by experiments by the bed surface spatio-temporal diagrams. The experimental results and simulation predictions are compared in Figure 2. The EDEM predictions agree well with the experimental results.


Chang Gung University

User friendly and helped us to understand granular motion/interactions at particle level.

An-Ni Huang Chang Gung University