Analysis of Filling of Vibrating Dies with Metal Powder

Dhanooj Bobba
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
Harish Cherukuri, Ali Tabei, and Miguel Pando
August 2018 - July 2019

Powder metallurgical processes such as isostatic pressing, sintering, powder compaction and additive manufacturing are being extensively used to manufacture metallic and ceramic parts. Often the quality of the products obtained through these processes is greatly affected by the presence of particle shape and size inhomogeneities.

In this project, EDEM was used to study the phenomenon of segregation during the filling of a cylindrical die with a metallic binary mixture.  Both stationary and vibrating dies were considered to investigate the effects of vibration amplitude and vibration frequency on segregation and also the compaction of the particles.

Videos below: The objective is to study the effect of sharp features in filling a die and the effect of vertical vibrations on powder compaction and segregation. As the die is vibrated,  the void and gap ratio decreases but the particles in the die become segregated. Various vibration parameters affect powder compaction and segregation. The software EDEM was used to understand these effects.