Advanced Processing of Almonds Using Harvester

Clement Leballeur
University of South Australia, Australia
School of Engineering
John Fielke
01/05/2018 - 17/08/2018

The project aims to understand the performance of existing equipment and provide recommendations for their improvements. In this example the equipment is a commercial dust sorting system supplied by JACK RABBIT used on almonds and nuts harvesting. The aim is to understand links between rotational speed and rise angle on absolute linear velocity and sorting efficiency. The other aspect to work on is the system size and convey efficiency (t/h), if so it can be smaller so it can fit on a trailer that can fit down the orchard rows. EDEM was used to model the movement of the almonds and dust particles through the system and the distribution of dust sorting between all cleaning area.

EDEM gave results that matched our physical situation.

Clement Leballeur University of South Australia