A DEM-MBD Coupled Model of Off-Road Vehicle Driving on Soil

Jeseung Moon
Myongji University, South Korea
Mechanical Engineering
Kyu-Jin Lee
12/11/2018 - 12/05/2019

In this research, we developed a numerical model to analyze the interaction between a wheel and soil. In this model, discrete element method (DEM) is used to calculate micromechanical phenomena in granular materials, like soil.

Research on wheel-ground interaction has been conducted a lot based on the Finite Element Method. However, FEM-based studies have limitations in accurately simulating the continuum mechanism of soil, especially on a ground composed of particles such as sand, for which it was difficult to calculate results accurately.

However, DEM can simulate continuous particle behavior by calculating the movements of each particle. Therefore, we used EDEM as a DEM tool in this model and furthermore, the model was designed to be coupled with multi-body dynamics (MBD) which is able to calculate the wheel movements. The MBD tool used for this study was Recurdyn.

The wheel-soil interaction model was designed based on the experimental device. The device was already developed to measure the tractive force of a wheel driving on soil ground. Using the specification of the driving wheel device, the model’s size and control method (driving speed and slip ratio) was set. The model results were validated when compared to experimental results according to the wheel’s slip conditions.

Easy to use, highly efficient, highly accurate. These three words describe EDEM exactly.

Jeseung Moon Myongji University