Include realistic bulk material loads as standard in ANSYS structural analysis.

EDEM for ANSYS has been developed specifically for engineers who use ANSYS Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in the design of heavy equipment such as truck bodies, diggers, grab buckets and excavators that are intended to handle bulk materials like coal, ores, rocks, and soils.

EDEM for ANSYS provides engineers with a detailed understanding of the impact materials have on their designs, leading to greater insight into equipment performance. By removing the reliance on hand-calculation and assumption to determine equipment loading, engineers using EDEM for ANSYS are also able to reduce the frequency and cost of expensive physical prototyping.

EDEM for ANSYS is an easy to use tool fully streamlined and integrated with ANSYS® Workbench™

It comprises two parts:

  • an EDEM analysis system where forces acting on the equipment from the bulk material can be linked to other analysis systems  such as Static or Transient Structural, to be used as an input boundary condition for an FEA simulation
  • an ‘EDEM for ANSYS’ user interface where engineers can set-up and run their bulk material simulations


Fully integrated with Workbench

Easy to use & fully integrated

Modern and intuitive interface integrated and launched from within ANSYS Workbench. All analysis is performed directly in ANSYS.

Easy-to-use interface

No expertise required

No knowledge of Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) or expertise in bulk material simulation needed to use.

Access library of materials

Instant access to material models

Includes a library of thousands of materials models representing ores, soils, rocks, gravels, etc. for realistic material loads.