EDEM BulkSim

EDEM BulkSim is specialized bulk material flow simulation software for transfer chute design & optimization.

EDEM BulkSim is off-the-shelf bulk material flow simulation software developed specifically for engineers designing conveyor transfer equipment used in mine operations and minerals processing plants, such as conveyor transfer points, stockpile reclaimers, and material feed and discharge chutes in comminution circuits.

EDEM BulkSim simulation enables both qualitative and quantitative analysis of transfer chutes designs to explore design scenarios and verify performance. It provides engineers with the insight to make design decisions concerning a range of key areas including:

  • Prevention of plugging and spillage
  • Identification of excessive material velocities and dispersed flow
  • Ensuring appropriate delivery of material onto conveyor belts
  • Optimization of wear protection

EDEM BulkSim is a key design tool that can be easily deployed across teams:

  • ‘Super Users’ are able to create material models to be used in simulations. They can use the EDEM Material Modeler to define all the parameters including particle shape and size and the physics models that will dictate how a material will behave. To get started quickly and easily they also get access to the GEMM Database – a library of thousands of material models representing rocks and ores, ready to be used in simulations.
  • ‘Standard Users’ get access to all the materials created by ‘Super users’ and can easily set-up, run and analyze their simulations – without needing knowledge of Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) or expertise in bulk material simulation

Key Features


Straightforward and streamlined workflow for quick set up of conveyor transfer equipment simulations

EDEM simulation showing mass flow in transfer chute

High performance

Fast solver, highly parallelized for use on multi-core shared memory workstations and GPU hardware

EDEM simulation of soft loading transfer chute

Built-in analysis tools

Range of analysis tools available: coloring, virtual sensors, wear analysis etc.

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