EDEM Academic

EDEM Academic is a fully-featured version of EDEM software tailored for academic research.

EDEM Academic provides PhDs, Postdocs, Research Associates and Masters Students with a software platform for developing models that simulate the behavior of a wide range of particle systems.

EDEM Academic software is easy-to-use yet very flexible for users to customize and include their own physics and models. EDEM multi-physics capability extends the software platform to enable co-simulation with other CAE tools, so users can simulate a variety of phenomena, including particle-particle, particle-fluid, particle-structure and particle-electromagnetic interactions.

Why EDEM Academic?

Seed coating. Courtesy of Leeds University

Fast and Easy-to-use

Easy-to-use, modern interface; fast and scalable compute performance – simulate large and complex particle systems

Electric curtain. Courtesy of McGill University.

Access to EDEM API

Write your own custom physics and get access to a range of example custom models and User Defined Libraries (UDLs)

Die filling. Courtesy of UPRM.

Multiphysics Capabilities

EDEM coupling interface enables co-simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and MultiBody Dynamics (MBD) codes

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