Customization / API

EDEM simulations can be customized and extended using the EDEM Application Programming Interface (API) – the most highly developed API for DEM simulation on the market.

The EDEM API employs standard C++ scripting and is very versatile with many unique features designed specifically for development of advanced DEM simulations. Users can go beyond the scope of EDEM’s standard physics models by writing their own custom physics.

Examples of applications include modeling of particle cohesion in bulk solids due to moisture or other attractive forces, deformation, fracture and break-up of solids, flexible fibres, charged & magnetic particles and many more.

A range of example models are readily available to users including EDEM’s breakage model (based on Tavares, UFRJ). This breakage model addresses the different mechanisms of breakage including both surface damage and fragmentation and can simulate any type of breaking mechanism: compression, shearing, weakening etc.

Key Features

Custom Physics

Custom properties for particles, contact models, equipment geometry and global variables

Additional Insight

Track additional parameters such as Temperature or Breakage Force directly on every particle or geometry element

Electric curtain - Courtesy of McGill University

Field Data Import

Import 3rd party field data from sources such as fluid flow, electric field and magnetic field simulations

Is API needed for your complex application?