Conveyor transfer systems account for a small percentage of the infrastructure cost of a plant or mine but poorly-performing transfer points are often responsible for significant operational challenges, resulting in unplanned down-time, reduced throughput, and lost productivity.

Discover EDEM BulkSim - specialized bulk material simulation software for designing and optimizing transfer points and chutes in the mining industry.

By predicting bulk material flow and interaction with equipment components, EDEM BulkSim enables design engineers to identify and remedy potential problems in a design, such as material build-up and blockage, flow dispersion, spillage, size segregation, and excessive belt and chute wear — before commissioning.

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Simulation-based design & performance verification of transfer chutes



Download this eBook to learn how to:

  • Prevent plugging and spillage 
  • Identify excessive material velocities ad dispersed flow
  • Ensure appropriate loading of receiving belts
  • Optimize wear protection

Verification of the Design Performance of Conveyor Transfer Equipment with EDEM BulkSim Software

This webinar will discuss the challenges faced by designers and operators when designing transfer chutes. We will introduce EDEM - bulk material simulation software- and explain how it can be used to evaluate and verify the design performance of transfer chutes and address key design challenges such as spillage, blockage and wear.

Simulation-based Design & Performance Verification of Transfer Chutes



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EDEM is the market-leading software for bulk material simulation.

Powered by state-of-the-art Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) technology, EDEM quickly and accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk materials such as coal, mined ores, soil, tablet, and powders.

EDEM simulation provides engineers with crucial insight into how bulk materials will interact with their equipment during a range of operation and process conditions.

Since November 2019, EDEM has been part of Altair.

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