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Voidage Waves In Hydraulic Conveying Through Narrow Pipes E. W. C. Lim 2007 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
The Simulation Sea Ice Pile Up On A Semicircle Structure C. Li, Y. Wang, Z. Li 2007 Recent Development of Offshore Engineering in Cold Regions Dalian University of Technology Press
Pneumatic Transport Of Granular Materials In An Inclined Conveying Pipe: Comparison Of Computational Fluid Dynamics Discrete Element Method (Cfd DEM), Electrical Capacitance Tomography (Ect), And Particle Image Velocimetry (Piv) Results C.-H. Wang, E. W. C. Lim, Y. Zhang 2007 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research American Chemical Society
Three Dimensional Modelling Of Discrete Particles By Superellipsoids C. Lillie, P. Wriggers 2006 PAMM Wiley-VCH
On The Modification Of A Contact Detection Algorithm For Three Dimensional Discrete Element Method J. Zhao, S. C. Li, Y.Y. Jiao 2006 1st International Conference on Computational Methods (ICCM04) Springer
Effects Of An Electrostatic Field In Pneumatic Conveying Of Granular Materials Through Inclined And Vertical Pipes C.-H. Wang, E. W. C. Lim, Y. Zhang 2006 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Discrete Element Simulation For Pneumatic Conveying Of Granular Material A.B. Yu, C.-H. Wang, E. W. C. Lim 2006 AIChE Journal Wiley-VCH