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Axial porosity distribution in a packed bed of deformable particles: A numerical study based on DEM F. Wang, M. Horio, Q. Li, S-I. Kajikawa, V. Rudolph 2001 Handbook of Powder Technology Elsevier
Charge behaviour and power consumption in ball mills: sensitivity to mill operating conditions, liner geometry and charge composition P.W. Cleary 2001 International Journal of Mineral Processing Elsevier
Recent advances in dem modelling of tumbling mills P.W. Cleary 2001 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
The simulation of powders with liquid bridges in a 2D vibrated bed S.C. Yang, S.S. Hsiau 2001 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
On the determination of contact parameters for realistic DEM simulations of ball mills B.K. Mishra, C.V.R. Murty 2001 Powder Technology Elsevier
Modeling of scale effects of damage in cemented granular rocks D. Pisarenko, N. Gland 2001 Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Elsevier
A simulation study of the effects of dynamic variables on the packing of spheres A.B. Yu, L.-F. Liu, Y.D. Yuan, Z.P. Zhang 2001 Powder Technology Elsevier
A technique to measure velocities of a ball moving in a tumbling mill and its applications H. Dong, M.H. Moys 2001 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Self-diffusion analysis in a vibrated granular bed S.C. Yang, S.S. Hsiau 2001 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
The use of the discrete element method and fracture mechanics to improve grinding rate prediction A.L. Hinde, M. M. Bwalya, M.H. Moys 2001 Minerals Engineering Elsevier