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Modelling Ballast Under Cyclic Loading Using Discrete Element Method C. Cholet, G. Saussine, P.-E. Gautier 2004 Cyclic Behaviour of Soils and Liquefacation Phenomena Taylor & Francis
Modelling Sheet Flow Sediment Transport In Wave Bottom Boundary Layers Using Discrete Element Modelling J. Calantoni, K. T. Holland, T. G. Drake 2004 PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON SERIES A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES Royal Society Publishing
Network Model For Hydraulic Conductivity Of Sand Bentonite Mixtures C. H. Benson, T. Abichou, T. B. Edil 2004 Canadian Geotechnical Journal Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
Numerical Analysis Of Buried Pipes Subjected To Lateral Soil Movements E. Motta, M. Maugeri, P. Casamichele 2004 Risk Analysis IV WIT Press
Numerical And Experimental Studies On Debris Flow Capturing Effect Of Grid Type Sabo Dam K. Sunada, N. Miyazawa, T. Tanishima 2004 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NINTH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON RIVER SEDIMENTATION Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Yamanashi
Numerical Studies Of Uniaxial Powder Compaction Process By 3D DEM B. J. Briscoe, C. J. Lawrence, Y. Sheng 2004 Engineering Computations Emerald
On The Squeeze Flow Of A Bingham Fluid Between Two Rigid Spheres H. Y. Li, W. B. Huang, Y. Xu 2004 Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
Predicting Skin Friction And Heat Transfer For Turbulent Flow Over Real Gas Turbine Surface Roughness Using The Discrete Element Method B. K. Hodge, J. P. Bons, S. T. McClain 2004 Journal of Turbomachinery ASME
Raceway Design For The Innovative Blast Furnace H. Nogami, H. Yamaoka, K. Takatani 2004 ISIJ International ISIJ
Selecting A Suitable Time Step For Discrete Element Simulations That Use The Central Difference Time Integration Scheme C. O’Sullivan, J. D. Bray 2004 Engineering Computations Emerald