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Numerical prediction on abrasive wear reduction of bulk solids handling equipment using bionic design D. L. Schott, G. Chen, G. Lodewijks 2018 Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
3-D DEM simulations of drained triaxial tests on inherently anisotropic granulates A. Zhang, C. Fu, M. Jiang 2018 European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Taylor & Francis
Simulation of wheel tracking test for asphalt mixture using discrete element modelling D. Zhang, S. Wang, T. Ma, X. Huang, Y. Zhang 2018 Road Materials and Pavement Design Taylor & Francis
A numerical investigation assessing the symmetry of burden charging in a blast furnace using different chute designs D.J. Penney, M.A.J. Holmes, N.P. Lavery, S.G.R. Brown 2018 Ironmaking & Steelmaking Taylor & Francis
Landscape evolution characteristics of large-scale erosion and landslides at the Putanpunas Stream, Taiwan C. Lo, K. Lee, M. Lin, M. Weng, S. Lee 2018 Natural Hazards and Ris Taylor & Francis
Flow Simulations in a Pebble Bed Reactor by a Combined DEM-CFD Approach S. Zhang, X. Zhao, Z.Yang 2018 Nuclear Science and Engineering Taylor & Francis
DEM and experimental studies on pellet segregation in stockpile build-up H. Saxén, J. Zhang & J. Zhang, Y. Yu 2018 Ironmaking & Steelmaking Taylor & Francis
Seismic Performance of Historical Buildings Based on Discrete Element Method: An Adobe Church J. V. Lemos, N. Mendes, S. Zanotti 2018 Journal of Earthquake Engineering Taylor & Francis
Seismic Assessment of Archaeological Heritage Using Discrete Element Method A. Mordanova, G. de Felice 2018 International Journal of Architectural Heritage Taylor & Francis
Discrete element method-based collapse simulation, validation and application to frame structures X. He, Y. Zhou, Z. Lu 2018 Structure and Infrastructure Engineering Taylor & Francis