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Effect of grooves on the double-nosed projectile penetrating into plain concrete targets H. Wang, J. Han, R. Zhang, W. Wang, Y. Zhang 2020 International Journal of Impact Engineering Elsevier
Effects of stress paths on triaxial compression mechanical properties of QH-E lunar soil simulant studied by DEM simulation W. Wu, W. Zou, X. Chu, Y. Li 2020 Granular Matter Springer
Micromechanical analysis of cyclic and asymptotic behaviors of a granular backfill N. Hadda, R. Wan 2020 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Contrastive study on the granular avalanche dynamic process using the depth-integrated continuum and discrete element methods F. Wu, J. Chen, J. Wang, Y. Fan 2020 Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment Springer
Discrete element simulation of damage evolution in coatings M. A. Ghasemi, S.R. Falahatgar 2020 Granular Matter Springer
Experimental and Numerical Studies on Push-Up Load Tests for Sand Plugs in a Steel Pipe Pile K. Kurosawa, P. Kitiyodom, S. Kobayashi, S. Thongmunee, T. Matsumoto 2020 Soils and Foundations Elsevier
Collision of single particle in rotating flow field Collision, Numerical simulation, Particle motion, Rotating flow field, Single particle 2020 Chemical Engineering Research and Design Elsevier
Effect of stressing conditions on mechanochemical Knoevenagel synthesis A. Kwade, A. Stolle, C. F. Burmeister, K. Jacob, R. Schmidt, S. Breitung 2020 Chemical Engineering Journal Elsevier
DEM simulation for separating coated fuel particles by inclined vibrating plate B. Liu, H. Ma, M. Liu, T. Fan, Y. Shao, Y. Zhao 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
A DEM-PBM multiscale coupling approach for the prediction of an impact pin mill J.Y. Ooi, L.G. Wang, X. Chen 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier