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A Direct Simulation Method For Particle Fluid Systems B. K. Cook, D. R. Noble, J. R. Williams 2004 Engineering Computations Emerald
A Discrete Element Lagrangian Sea Ice Model M.A. Hopkins 2004 Engineering Computations Emerald
A Micromechanical Approach For Simulating Plant Tissue E. Tijskens, H. Ramon, J. Loodts 2004 PubMed
A Numerical Study On Failure Behavior Of Jointed Rock Slope H. S. Yang, W. B. Kim 2004 Contribution of Rock Mechanics to the New Century J-Stage
A Particle Center Based Homogenization Strategy For Granular Assemblies E. Ramm, G. A. D’Addetta, S. Diebels 2004 Engineering Computations Emerald
A Two Dimensional Numerical Model For Current Seismicity In The New Madrid Seismic Zone A. Gangopadhyay, J. Dickerson, P. Talwani 2004 Seismological Research Letters Seismological Society of America
Application And Evaluation Of Stability Analysis Of Large Underground Opening In Discontinuous Rock Mass I. Andou, Y. Jiang, Y. Yamashita 2004 Contribution of Rock Mechanics to the New Century J-Stage
Application Of Discrete Element Method In Impact Problems K. S. Liu, L. T. Gao, S. Tanimura 2004 JSME INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL SERIES A-SOLID MECHANICS AND MATERIAL ENGINEERING J-Stage
Application Of The Discrete Approach To The Simulation Of Size Segregation In Granular Chute Flow G. Wei, J. Y. Zhang, Z. G. Hu 2004 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research ACS Publications
Calculations On Different Length Scales For Improving Processing Of Nanoceramics W. Wunderlich 2004 Journal of Ceramic Processing Research J-Stage