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Evaluation of an FPGA Implementation of the Discrete Element Method A. H.C. Chan, B. Carrión Schäfer, S. F. Quigley 2001 Field-Programmable Logic and Applications Springer
The simulation and experimental study of granular materials discharged from a silo with the placement of inserts S.C. Yang, S.S. Hsiau 2001 Powder Technology Elsevier
A numerical study of cryogenic storage in underground excavations with emphasis on the rock joint response K. Monsen, N. Barton 2001 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences Elsevier
Step size control for efficient discrete element simulation D. Zhang, W.J. Whiten 2001 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Grinding of talc particulates by a high-speed rotor mixer F. Saito, H. Mio, H. Yabune, J. Kano 2001 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Behavior of particles and bubbles around immersed tubes in a fluidized bed at high temperature and pressure: a DEM simulation D. Rong, M. Horio 2001 International Journal of Multiphase Flow Elsevier
Computational modelling of large scale multiple fracturing solids and particulate systems D.R.J. Owen, K.W. Mak, M.E. Honnor, Y.T. Feng 2001 Computational Mechanics–New Frontiers for the New Millennium Elsevier
3D particle tracking in a mill: A rigorous technique for verifying DEM predictions G.N. Nurick, I. Govender, M.S. Powell 2001 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
DEM simulation of industrial issues in fluidized bed reactors M. Horio, S. Kajikawa 2001 Handbook of Powder Technology Elsevier
Particle and droplet size analysis from chord measurements using Bayes' theorem A.S. Burbidge, M.J.H. Simmons, P. A. Langston, T.F. Jones 2001 Powder Technology Elsevier