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Numerical models of the evolution of accretionary wedges and fold-and-thrust belts using the distinct-element method D.R. Burbidge, J. Braun 2002 Geophysical Journal International Wiley
Numerical prediction of the earthquake response of classical columns using the distinct element method C. Papantonopoulos, D. Y. Papastamatiou, H.P. Mouzakis, I. N. Psycharis, J. V. Lemos 2002 Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics Wiley
Micromechanical modelling of monotonic drained and undrained shear behaviour of granular media using three-dimensional DEM N. Shimizu, S. V. Dinesh, T. G. Sitharam 2002 International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics Wiley
Hydrodynamics of rapid granular flow of inelastic particles into vacuum A. Goldshtein, A. Potapov, C. Campbell, D. Degani, M. Shapiro, V. Kamenetsky 2002 Granular Matter Springer
Parallel computation and numerical visualization for non-uniform particles included in gas and liquid flows I. Nezu, S. Ushijima 2002 Journal of Visualization Springer
Stress fluctuations and macroscopic stick-slip in granular materials F. Adjémian, P. Evesque 2002 European Physical Journal Springer
A generalised mixing index in distinct element method simulation of vibrated particulate beds A. J. Matchett, B. N. Asmar, P. A. Langston 2002 Granular Matter Springer
Scalable Implementation of the Discrete Element Method on a Reconfigurable Computing Platform A. H.C. Chan, B. Carrión Schäfer, S. F. Quigley 2002 Field-Programmable Logic and Applications: Reconfigurable Computing Is Going Mainstream Springer
Analysis of shearing of a rock ridge E. J. Cording, J. Oh, Y. M. A. Hashash 2002 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Minig Sciences Elsevier
Conductivity of granular media with stagnant interstitial fluids via thermal particle dynamics simulation J.J. McCarthy, W. L. Vargas 2002 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier