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Effect of lifters and mill speed on particle behaviour, torque, and power consumption of a tumbling ball mill: Experimental study and DEM simulation G. Wang, H. Wang, S. Wang, W. Lv, X. Bian 2017 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
The Quantified Characterization Method of the Micro-Macro Contacts of Three-Dimensional Granular Materials on the Basis of Graph Theory E. Wang, H. Luan, S. Wang, X. Liu, Y. Guan 2017 Materials 2017 MDPI
LES-DEM investigation of the time-related solid phase properties and improvements of flow uniformity in a dual-side refeed CFB C. Hu, J. Fan, K. Luo, S. Wang, S.Yang 2016 Chemical Engineering Journal Elsevier
Numerical Simulation of Rock Breakage Modes under Confining Pressures in Deep Mining: An Experimental Investigation R. Malekian, S. Hao, S. Wang, X. Li, Z. Li 2016 IEEE Access IEEE
The investigation of particle flow mechanisms of bulk materials in dustiness testers D.B. Hastie, P.W. Wypych, S. Wangchai 2016 Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
CFD-DEM simulation of liquid-solid fluidized bed with dynamic restitution coefficient F. Yu, G. Liu, H. Lu, P. Liao, S. Wang, Z. Hao 2016 Powder Technology Elsevier
Optimization and experimental study of transport section lateral pressure of pipe belt conveyor D. Li, K. Hu, S. Wang, Y. Guo 2016 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Discrete element modelling of a soil-rock mixture used in an embankment dam H-Y. Zhang, S. Wang, W.-Y. Xu, Z-L. Zhang 2016 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences Elsevier
Discrete element method for high-temperature spread in compacted powder systems S. Wang, Z. Zheng 2016 Particuology Elsevier
Parallel LES-DEM simulation of dense flows in fluidized beds C. Hu, J. Fan, K. Luo, S. Wang, S.Yang 2016 Applied Thermal Engineering Elsevier