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Stress continuity in DEM-FEM multiscale coupling based on the generalized bridging domain method F. Tu, J. Zou, Y. Jiao, Z. Chen, Z. Zhao 2020 Applied Mathematical Modelling Elsevier
A digitalized 2D particle database for statistical shape analysis and discrete modeling of rock aggregate D. Huang, L. Zhao, S. Zhang, X. Wang 2020 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
Performance of Mechanical agitation type of ground-improvement by CAE System using 3-D DEM A. Jotisankasa, K. Nakao, S. Chaiprakaikeow, S. Inazumi 2020 Results in Engineering Elsevier
Analysis of the failure process by using the Lattice Discrete Element Method in the Abaqus environment G.S. da Silva, I. Iturrioz, L. E. Kosteski 2020 Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
Experimental and numerical investigation on size effect on crushing behaviors of single calcareous sand particles D. Kuang, P. Yu, R. Guo, Z. Long 2020 Marine Georesources & Geotechnology Taylor & Francis
Evolution of fabric in spherical granular assemblies under the influence of various loading conditions through DEM A. Vijayan, R.K. Annabattula, Y. Gan 2020 Granular Matter Springer
Vibration-induced aggregate segregation in asphalt mixtures D. Jelagin, F. Chen, M. N. Partl 2020 Materials and Structures Springer
A geometric separation method for non-uniform disk packing with prescribed filling ratio and size distribution D.T. Cintra, L.G.O. Lopes, W.W.M. Lira 2020 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Modelling and simulation of the straw-grain separation process based on a discrete element model with flexible hollow cylindrical bonds H. Mao, Q. Li, Q. Wang 2020 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
Calibration of parallel bond parameters in bonded particle models via physics-informed adaptive moment optimisation M. Wang, S. Jiang, T. Qu, Y.T. Feng 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier