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Granular object morphological generation with genetic algorithms for discrete element simulations J.E. Andrade, J.P. Marshall, R.B. de Macedo 2018 Granular Matter Springer
Discrete element model study into effects of particle shape on backfill response to cyclic loading behind an integral bridge abutment D. N. Wilke, N. Govender, S. Ravjee, S.W. Jacobsz 2018 Granular Matter Springer
A more efficient method for calibrating discrete element method parameters for simulations of metallic powder used in additive manufacturing A. Donmez, E.J. Garboczi, J. Whiting, M.L. Bernhardt-Barry, S. Geer 2018 Granular Matter Springer
Boundary effects in discrete element method modeling of undrained cyclic triaxial and simple shear element tests L. Zhang, M. Evans 2018 Granular Matter Springer
A new contact model for the discrete element method simulation of TiO2 nanoparticle films under mechanical load J. Laube, L. C. Ciacchi, L. Madler, S. Salameh, V. baric 2018 Granular Matter Springer
Suitable rolling resistance model for quasi-static shear tests of non-spherical particles via discrete element method C. Li, C. Zhao, L. Hu, Y. Luo 2018 Granular Matter Springer
Triaxial compression tests of QH-E lunar soil simulant under constant mean principal stress path using discrete element method simulations L. Chen, W. Wu, W. Zou, X. Chu, Y. Li 2018 Granular Matter Springer
Characterization and discrete element simulation of grading and shape-dependent behavior of JSC-1A Martian regolith simulant Q. Chen, Z. Lai 2017 Granular Matter Springer
Continuous wire reinforcement for jammed granular architecture F. K. Wittel, H. J. Hermann, M. Fauconneau 2017 Granular Matter Springer
Investigation of the reservoir as a feeder of inclined granular flows G. Yang, J. Wan, L. Yang, P. Lin, S. Zhang, Y. Tian 2017 Granular Matter Springer