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DEM Simulation of Burden Distribution in the Upper Part of COREX Shaft Furnace J. Sun, K. Du, M. Kou, S. Wu, W. Shen, Z. Zhang 2013 ISIJ International Iron and Steel Institue of Japan
Distribution of Particle Descending Velocity in the COREX Shaft Furnace with DEM Simulation J. Sun, K. Du, L. Zhang, M. Kou, S. Wu, W. Shen 2013 ISIJ International The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ)
The role of water content in triboelectric charging of wind-blown sand C. W. Yu, J. Su, W. Wei, Z. Gu 2013 Scientific Reports Nature Publishing Group
Spatial and temporal coarse-graining for DEM analysis C. Labra, J. Sun, J.Y. Ooi 2013 POWDERS AND GRAINS 2013: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Micromechanics of Granular Media American Institute of Physics
Porosity and Permeability Change under Stress and Correlation to Rock Texture A. N. Tutuncu, C. Labra, F. Xiao, J. Sun, V. V. Petunin, X. Yin 2013 Poromechanics V: Proceedings of the Fifth Biot Conference on Poromechanics ASCE
Microparameter Prediction for a Triaxial Compression PFC3D Model of Rock Using Full Factorial Designs and Artificial Neural Networks H -M. Tang, M -J. Sun, S. Lu, X -I. Hu, Y -F. Ge 2013 Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Springer
DEM simulation of particle size segregation behavior during charging into and discharging from a Paul-Wurth type hopper J. Sun, J. Xu, K. Du, M. Kou, S. Wu, W. Shen, X. Guo 2013 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Experimental and computational studies of dense granular flow: Transition from quasi-static to intermediate regime in a Couette shear device G.I. Tardos, J. Sun, M. K. Langroudi, S. Subramaniam, S. Sundaresan, V. Vidyapati 2012 Powder Technology Elsevier
Discrete element modeling of a Mars Exploration Rover wheel in granular material J.B. Johnson, J.M. Moore, M.A. Hopkins, M.A. Knuth, R.J. Sullivan 2012 Journal of Terramechanics Elsevier
Mathematical Simulation of Burden Distribution in COREX Melter Gasifier by Discrete Element Method H.-F. Li, J.-J. Sun, L.-H. Han, Z-X Di, Z. S. Zou, Z.-G. Luo 2012 Journal of Iron and Steel Research -International Elsevier