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Modeling breakage rates in mills with impact energy spectra and ultra fast load cell data E. T. Tuzcu, R. K. Rajamani 2011 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Three dimensional discrete element modeling of granular media under cyclic constant volume loading: A micromechanical perspective A. Soroush, B. Ferdowsi 2011 Powder Technology Elsevier
Micro-scale modeling of saturated sandy soil behavior subjected to cyclic loading B. Machmer, H. Krishnapillai, K. Meguro, N. Ravichandran 2010 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Elsevier
Physical and particle flow modeling of jointed rock block behavior under uniaxial loading B. Malama, J. Wang, P.H.S.W. Kulatilake 2001 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Minig Sciences Elsevier
Discrete element modeling of concrete under high stress level: influence of saturation ratio A. Accary, H. Benniou, L. Daudeville, M. Briffaut, Y. Malecot 2020 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Discrete element modeling of transversely isotropic rocks with non-continuous planar fabrics under Brazilian test C. He, G. Xu, M. Gutierrez, W. Meng 2020 Acta Geotechnica Springer
A p-y model for predicting the lateral nonlinear interaction between pile and soil-rock mixture material based on discrete element modeling W. Sun 2020 Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory Elsevier
Modeling the movement of hulled millet in agitated drum dryer with discrete element method D. Horvath, K. Tamas, T. Poos 2019 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
Diffuse instability of granular material under various drainage conditions: discrete element simulation and constitutive modeling Q.X. Wu, T. Xu, Z. X. Yang 2019 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Bridging local parameters with global mechanical properties in bonded discrete elements for ice load prediction on conical structures M.R. Pradana, X. Qian 2019 Cold Regions Science and Technology Elsevier