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Numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing and associated microseismicity using finite-discrete element method A. Lisjak, G. Grasselli, O. Mahabadi, Q. Liu, Q. Zhao 2014 Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering
Simulation of the tensile properties of silica aerogels: the effects of cluster structure and primary particle size J. Li, M. Zhu, Q. Liu, Z. Hu, Z. Lu, Z. Yuan, Z.Yang 2014 Soft Matter Royal Society of Chemistry
Studies on structural and mechanical properties under isostatic compression with large-scale discrete element simulations F. Jin, J. Liu, Q. Liu, Q. Sun 2014 Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica Elsevier
Effect of particle adhesion and interactions on motion by traveling waves on an electric curtain G.Q. Liu, J. S. Marshall 2010 Journal of Electrostatics Elsevier
Flow Patterns Of Solids In A Two Dimensional Spouted Bed With Draft Plates: Piv Measurement And Dem Simulations G.Q. Liu, Q. Song, Q. Yao, S.-Q. Li, X.-L. Zhao 2008 Powder Technology Elsevier
Dem Simulation Of The Particle Dynamics In Two Dimensional Spouted Beds G.Q. Liu, J. S. Marshall, Q. Yao, S.-Q. Li, X.-L. Zhao 2008 Powder Technology Elsevier