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Distinct Element Modelling of a Landslide Triggered by the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake: A Case Study G. Tang, L. Li, L. Zhao, Y. Zhang, Z. Song 2018 Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Springer
Adhesion mechanism of space-climbing robot based on discrete element and dynamics L. Li, L. Sun, S. Jiang, T. Chen, X. Hou, Y. Su, Z. Deng 2018 Advances in Mechanical Engineering Sage
Simulation of different gas–solid flow regimes using a drag law derived from lattice Boltzmann simulations B. Li, C. Xu, L. Li, Y. Liu, Y. Xie 2018 The Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows Sage
Investigation of motion of coarse aggregates in asphalt mixture based on virtual simulation of compaction test L. Li, W. Liu, X. Huang, Y. Gao 2018 International Journal of Pavement Engineering Taylor & Francis
Ice load on floating structure simulated with dilated polyhedral discrete element method in broken ice field L. Liu, S. Ji 2018 Applied Ocean Research Elsevier
Implementation and validation of a volume-of-fluid and discrete-element-method combined solver in OpenFOAM B. Li, L. Li 2018 Particuology Elsevier
The Influence of Groundwater on the Sliding and Deposition Behaviors of Cataclinal Slopes C-H. Weng, C. -M. Lo, H-H. Lin, M.-L. Lin 2018 Water MDPI
Laboratory Observation and Micromechanics-Based Modelling of Sandstone on Different Scales I. Larsen, L. Li, R. Holt 2017 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
Interaction Between Floater and Sea Ice Simulated with Dilated Polyhedral DEM L. Liu, S. Ji, S. Sun 2017 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods Springer
Effect of Young's modulus on DEM results regarding transverse mixing of particles within a rotating drum H. Chen, Y. G. Xiao, Y. S. Shi, Y.L. Liu 2017 Powder Technology Elsevier