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Granular gas of ellipsoids: analytical collision detection implemented on GPUs D. Maza, P. G. Lind, R. C. Hidalgo, S. M. Rubio- Largo 2017 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
CFD-DEM simulation of liquid-solid fluidized bed with dynamic restitution coefficient F. Yu, G. Liu, H. Lu, P. Liao, S. Wang, Z. Hao 2016 Powder Technology Elsevier
Heating effects of asphalt pavement during hot in-place recycling using DEM G. Li, K. Huang, R. Jiang, T. Xu 2016 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
Simulations of dynamic properties of particles in horizontal rotating ellipsoidal drums D. Li, G. Liu, H. Lu, L. Wang, M. Hassan, Q. Wang, Q. Zhang 2016 Applied Mathematical Modelling Elsevier
Simulated configurational temperature of particles and a model of constitutive relations of rapid-intermediate-dense granular flow based on generalized granular temperature G. Liu, H. Lu, L. Sun, Q. Tang, Q. Zhang, T. Zhang, W. Xu 2015 International Journal of Multiphase Flow Elsevier
Numerical simulation on undrained triaxial behavior of saturated soil by a fluid coupled-DEM model C. Zhou, G. Liu, G. Rong, J. Peng 2015 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Prediction of configurational and granular temperatures of particles using DEM in reciprocating grates F. Zhao, G. Liu, H. Lu, L. Sun, S. Wang, Y. Liu 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier
Simulations of configurational and granular temperatures of particles using DEM in roller conveyor G. Liu, H. Lu, L. Sun, S. Wang, Y. Liu, Z. Feixiang 2014 Powder Technology Elsevier
Electrically-enhanced deposition of fine particles on a fiber: A numerical study using DEM G. Liu, M. Yang, Q. Yao, S. Li 2013 POWDERS AND GRAINS 2013: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Micromechanics of Granular Media American Institute of Physics
A JKR-based dynamic model for the impact of micro-particle with a flat surface G. Liu, Q. Yao, S. Li 2011 Powder Technology Elsevier