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Effect of normal load and shearing velocity on the interface friction of organic shale – Proppant simulant H. He, K. Senetakis, L. Luo 2019 Tribology International Elsevier
An accurate geometric contact force model for super-quadric particles B. Samali, K. Dong, K. Kildashti 2019 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier
Three-dimensional micromechanical pavement model development for the study of block cracking H. Wang, W. G. Buttlar 2019 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
Modeling the movement of hulled millet in agitated drum dryer with discrete element method D. Horvath, K. Tamas, T. Poos 2019 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
An updated Lagrangian LBM–DEM–FEM coupling model for dual-permeability fissured porous media with embedded discontinuities K. Wang, W. Sun 2019 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier
A micromechanical analysis of the effects of particle shape and contact law on the low-strain stiffness of granular soils C. Tsigginos, M. Zeghal 2019 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Elsevier
Convective heat transfer coefficient for a rod-like particle in a uniform flow H. Ma, Y. Zhao 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier
Simulation of tillage forces and furrow profile during soil-mouldboard plough interaction using discrete element modelling C. Saunders, M. Ucgul 2019 Biosystems Engineering Elsevier
Statistical Distributions Of The Elastic Moduli Of Particle Aggregates At The Mesoscale B. Chareyre, D. Littefield, G. Pekmezi 2019 International Journal of Impact Engineering Elsevier
Numerical simulation of an ice-strengthened bulk carrier in brash ice channel C. Guo, C. Wang, D. Jiang, R. Deng, S. Dai, T. Wu, W. Luo 2019 Ocean Engineering Elsevier